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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

2nd July 2006, Sunday

As usual, me and my hubby will go for Japanese restaurant for dinner on Sundays. The only different was we went to another Jap's restaurant on that night due to full house at the place we used to go(which is the same owner, sorry ler, Kuantan only have less than 5 Jap's restaurant). We went in to VIP room and ordered food. The menu is quite different from the one we used to go, the most important thing is they dont serve sushi!! Hubby keeps on complaining to me like a parrot cos he cant eat his favourite sushi. So we ordered oursleves a set of dinner sets, mix tempura, grilled shishamo and edamme (no sushi :( *sob sob* . While finishing the dinner, i heard a sound of "miaow miaow miaow..." from outside of the room, i wasnt aware of it cos i thought it maybe some music out there, but the sound is continuously, i started to be alert about it cos our room door is not closed, i am afraid that the cat will come in to our room. After a while, no more "miaow miaow" sound, i continued to enjoy my dinner, suddenly, the ",miaow miaow" sound was next to me!! OMG, it was a grey cat next to me!! I shouted and cant control my tears coming out (*NOTE: My hubby still happily sitting there enjoying his conversation on the phone and drinking green tea), the waiters and waitresses ran in to our room and take away the cat. After i get back to my normal mood, i start nagging my hubby for not keeping alert at all. And he still can laugh at me, saying that he should take down the video clip of mine when i saw the cat, my face,my emotion and my behaviour was just too funny for him. I was so angry at that time, he should have comforting me rather than laughing at my stupidiness!! What's more, i am a pregger!!! I cant get frighten often!! Hmmh... I told myself not to talk to him the entire night, pretending that i merajuk. Hubby sensed that i wasnt happy with it, he kept on making stupid faces for me to laugh. And finally, i gave in. We walked out from the restaurant by laughing of the cat's incident.

*Note: I dont know how the cat got in to the restaurant cos the door is sliding door. There are only 2 possibilities: the cat followed the customers come in or maybe the sliding door is not closed after someone came in or went out.


jessiewoo said...

oh ... naughty hubby r ... muz give him a good smack then keke ... :P

Tiffany said...

Ya lor, din protect me yet still laughing!! Will think of something to let him feel the same way. :p