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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The first steak in my life!!!

Last weekend was my first time cooking at home after we get married, and it is also the first time i cook for him, the first time I step in to kitchen for this year,and also the first time I prepare steak!!! So many first time, and dont know my first time is a good start or a failure indeed. To be romantic enough, I decided to give him a surprise dinner - candle light dinner, lolz... So i need to plan this in "super" advance. Luckily enough, with the help of Yee Tyng, she helped me to find the easiest steak for beginner, Black Pepper Lamb Steak for darling, and Salmon for myself. Thursday afternoon i went to Giant to get the sauce, vegetables, canned Mushroom Soup. Friday's evening, i went to get Lamb Loin and Salmon, unfortunately, Salmon sold out, so gotta wait til the stock arrive on Saturday. But it is alright since i only need to marinate the Lamb Loin, so i went home to marinate it with Black Pepper sauce and black pepper. On the saturday, after I get the Salmon around 7pm, i quickily rushed back home to prepare the dinner, it took around 1 hour 30 mins for me to prepare this dinner, luckily it wasn't too long. :) I quickily went to shop and fetched darling cos he been calling me since 8pm, as usual, he will asked where should we go for dinner, and I answered him that i need to shower first cos I havent. Then he was nagging that, why so late havent shower lar, what i did lar, blah blah blah.... (He din know that this little devil prepared a lovely+romantic dinner). The moment he stepped in house, he smelt the Lamb smell, and the house is scented with Cranberry CandleLight. He is kinda surprised when he reached the kitchen, and he asked, where did i buy this dinner. (So the outlook of the steak is good i guess,heheee)

This is the lamb steak before spreading the black pepper sauce:

Here come with the Black Pepper sauce: (note: look at him, he can't wait for me to snap a pic first)

My Salmon steak:

After finished eating, i served ourselves a tiramisu ice cream for dessert and i asked for his feedback. And, this is his feedback on my steak: thumbs up!!! So happy and satisfying.

And i start loving cooking now. Hehehee...


jessiewoo said...

hahahaha ... glad that it turns out GOOD yeah ... surely ur hubby very "kam tong" hor ... kekeke

so in future we learn to cook together yeah ... kekeke

CaRoLiNe said...

wow... it looks nice~
when wanna cook for me ?

takecarez yo!
see ya soon!

Tiffany said...

Am not too sure whether he is touched by my suprised dinner, but he laughed at me that i watched too much of TVB movies cos of the candle. Lolz... But cooking is bit tiring leh cos gotta stand there for so long.

Tiffany said...

Caroline, cook for u worr... Hehehehee... See when my mood come again, then i wil make one for u. Let me know when are u coming back ya

CaRoLiNe said...

thz alot.. so nice of u
will be back soon
looking fwd to see u

Meiyen said...

whoa... you are such a good cook... da food looks yummy!!!!!!! cook for me also yeah...:p