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Monday, November 13, 2006

23.08.06 10:50 Wednesday

Right before i was giving birth.

I was admitted to hospital one day earlier than the operation date,this is to make sure everything goes smooth as doctors and nurses can monitor me from time to time. Every hour, they came and check my blood pressure, my hearbeats, my temperature as well as my baby's hearbeats. On the day i was admitted, i had this very down feeling which i dont know why i faced it. I was so sad on the day, i kept on crying for no reason til they thought i was suffering from the pain, my blood pressure went up once to over 190(which is extremely high) until the next morning. I started to fasting at 10pm, My operation time was supposed to start at 8am, i was dressed up and had those wire on my body on 6am ++, but postponed to 10am due to the high blood pressure. I told myself to calm down, i know everything will be fine cos it is a FIXED casearean section, so everything will be "OK" but it just couldnt help much of lowering my BP. The nurse gave me a drink which i dont know what medicine was that, then she inserted the "urine pipe" into my vaginal, it is supposed to be painful but i just felt nothing cos i was too scared. I was brought to the operation room, where my hubby cannot accompany me to goes in as they afraid the virus infection. In the operation room, i was told that they will inject two epidural from my spinal and i would feel numb, i thought this two injection will be extremely painful but again, i feel nothing, just like an ant biten me, cos i was too scared. (scared til no pain feeling, Geng!!!). The operation start after few minutes, i didnt really look at what was happening, i was there to pray to the God for everything goes smooth. Before i was entering the operation room, i thought operation room is where a place very serious, but i was wrong, they turned on the radio let me listen to music, talk to me, make me feel better at least i dont have much fear. After a while, the nurse told me that they are about to push the baby out from my stomach and i would feel like vomitting. The whole process basically is like ppl is making donuts with ur stomach is the flour. My baby is out at 1050am,after they "washed" my baby, a nurse brought me my baby, and it is a GIRL!! I was so touched when i see my own "creature" was in front of me, i kissed her and i nearly forget my operation is still on as they are cleaning my blood and to stitch me. At 1130am, i was towed to normal ward. I was told that my baby girl is 3.4kg, 50cm length and most importantly she is healthy!!

One of her very first pictures takings.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey tiff, what an experience huh! anyways, i am glad that you are all fine now and your baby looks really adorable! congrats yah!