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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Fullmoon Feast - 16.09.06 Saturday

Finally the confinement month passed, our fullmoon feast was earlied for 5 days, it was on 16/09/06. The confinement month is basicly for us (confinement lady) to rest as much as we can to restore energy. During the month, there are so many pantang larang whereby bath in herbal /ginger water,cannot wash hair for the entire month, eat ginger wine, have healthy meals, cannot get cold(so gotta wear long pants/sarong, socks and long sleeves at nights). The washing hair pantang, i wasn actually quite annoyed cos it messed up my life cos i feel like myself is so dirty and smelly as the dandruffs is like snowing, but luckily i bought the dry shampoo and i used it twice a week. Look at my pic here, my hair is so greasy.

Finally the month had passed, one day earlier i went to salon to thoroughly wash my hair, but both mothers adviced me not to wash for long as i still not "enough"day, scare i kena "wind". After washed hair, i went to anakku to buy baby car. So happy, like came out from jail.

The party was so great as so many ppl attended, mostly were relatives from hubby's side. Here r some of the pics on the night.

3 of us, me, Chloe and hubby

Mum with Chloe

The bunch of friends

Long "Q" at the toilet

My girlfriends, me and Chloe

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