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Saturday, April 28, 2007

My rice bowl

For my job, honestly speaking, i like it since i can learn up lotsa new things for banking system, loan processing, always got makan-makan sessions with valuers, marketing ppl, colleagues, and .... These are my colleagues, taken at one of my colleague's wedding.

Here come Pizza Hut session for b'day celebration. (The green color sleeveless lady is my boss, namely Branch Manager)

This one lagi happening @ Swing Club, Kuantan (Swing is one of the "most" happening club in Kuantan, which i think is worst than those Thai Club, Twelve SI...)

Colleagues - definitely i can get along with them, especially my lady boss. I was told by most of the ppl that she is a tough person, but when i work with her, i feel absolutely comfortable with her style and we even can sit down and chit chatting. ('m i bodek type?? No lor, i don't think so, but dont know why, i just like her style). Since i am doing sales for the bank, so i am not gonna do operation job, but sometimes operation staff just turned me off by rejecting what i required. Anyway, it only happen when the banking hall is full of customers.

Job function - my title is "Personal Financial Consultant", consultant?? Don't play play, such a profession. But then the actual job that i am doing is not giving consultation but to do customer service most of the time since i am based at the front line. Even though there is a big label "Personal Financial Centre" yet those customers will still come to you asking you to fill up slips, cheques, opening accounts, credit cards... I feel so annoyed at times cos the main purpose of my job is to find new biz, yet i am doing so many silly works. So, sometimes i just tell the cust to go back to the counter for customer service, most of the time, cust will shout at me!!! Got once i even tell the cust to look up at the label and tell him"here is financial service centre not cust service centre, tq". Sigh, nowadays cust is not always right. Back to my job functions, i need to hit certain criteria in order for me to be confirmed. Right now, i not only haven't reach but still far away from my target. Another thing is i am a contract staff at Hong Leong Bank, meaning most of the permanent staff benefits i don't get to enjoy such as annual leave is lesser, family medical claims, dental claims, yearly bonuses... also the salary is so much lower than the permanent ones. Eissshh... So pity me, work loads is a lot, yet the pay is so little. That's why i am considering to change job. Recently got a counter offer from other bank asking me to join their financial institution, of cos the basic salary is so much higher than HLB, lesser job scopes, permanent staff some more (meaning i will get to enjoy many many benefits for myself as well as my immediate family). But then, my concern is I just started at HLB, sounds not so nice if i just shift over as my lady boss is so generous to me, and also another 2 personal financial consultant is resigning. If i just go there, my lady boss will be very mad i guess. Another thing is if i go there, i need to share the cake among 4 sales person there. Sigh...

So far, i am still satisfied with my job but the concern is i am a contractual staff.

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stella said...

From my experinece, if you are willing to learn, this is actually the best place to learn a lot of stuff though i know it is going to be hard at the 1st time, but you really have to open up yourself and build your database asap so that you will have a bunch of loyal customer whereby they will support you if you have difficulty. Trust me coz i've been there for the past 2 and half years. Learn as many as possible and try to learn to speak to customer's especially on products where you are comfortable first, from easy to complicated one. Once you get to closed a few sales, then you will have the confident on selling.Good luck!