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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My weekend

28-04-07 Saturday

This morning went for Unit Trust Exam at Cosmopoint, it is a computerised exam whereby we answer the questions via computer thru internet. When the moment I finished the exam, need to click the button "finish" and "confirm" in order to know the result, I was so afraid that it came out "failed" cos i didn't study much, only study 2 out of 7 chapters, and the rest i just read thru the past year questions. Lucky enough, I passed!!! So happy and quickly did I go back to nanny's house to pick up Chloe (as Sat and Sun nanny is off). After picking up Chloe, went home to kacau my hubby to wake up and go out as Parkson is having member's day sales. In Parkson, we were so enjoying shopping and unrealizable that Chloe is not wearing jacket (this is her outfit).

She was sneezing in between which i noticed that but didn't take initiative to cover her with a jacket although the jacket is just inside the bag.

At that night, she had very high fever once reached 39.9'C in the dawn as a result of "cold".

29-04-07 Sunday

In the morning, i brought her to Dr Ang for check up, it was diagnosed that it is throat infection due to the changing weather (suddenly hot suddenly raining) and lack of intake of fluid, Dr then inserted sub into her anus to reduce her fever temperature. Dr advised to give her more water intake, less milk intake and no porridge for the mean time until the throat gets better. Dr also gave some medicine like cough&flu, fever, antibiotic and mouth drop. it cost me 60 bugs for this Dr visit. With the hope that her fever will goes off by today, i didn't bath her, only wipe her with lukewarm water. Her throat is getting worst in the afternoon and her fever didn't go off (suddenly her body very cold and suddenly will be very hot), in my & hubby's mind, we thought that she might have "denggi", at night, me & hubby (without Chloe) went back to Dr Ang's to consult him again, he comfort us that there is no sign of denggi on Chloe, only normal fever, just give her more water will do, and he gave me 2 subs to be inserted to her anus in case the fever is getting high in the middle of the night. At sunday's night, it was the worst night ever since she is born, she kept on crying cos her throat is painful and she couldn't sleep well. I gotta put her on my chest for her to sleep (obviously I didn't sleep well as well), I was forced to take emergency leave to look after her.

30-04-07 Monday

We brought her to hospital in the morning for "double-check up", it was confirmed that it is not denggi nor asthma.

I really worrying her, gave her lotsa of water including barley water. My mother in law even called up me twice (she is in China for traveling), she too is worrying for Chloe. Today her fever goes off (Thanks God!!!), her throat still remain sore, very pity her as whenever she cough, she cries as well cos it is painful for her. My heart is so painful too looking at her. Hope her cough and throat will get well asap!!! This fever has caused her lose some weight, her face becomes sharper, her legs no more "carrot" legs. Sighhh....

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