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Friday, September 28, 2007

After MIA for so long

For 4 months i have disappeared from blogging. It is not that I'm that busy til I have no time to blog, just that at times I don't see any value to do blogging. Simple reason: Not much of ppl or friends will drop by at my page to read about it. Just feel that my efforts are being wasted to post it.

Yesterday, someone delighted me to blog again - Yen!! She is now starting to blog. Let me have a simple introduction of this lady in my life.

I have known her almost for 20 years. But within this 20 years, we became closer just 3 years back. Her attitude can be described as : Straight forward!! and very 义气子女!!! Whenever she likes or doesn't like anything, she will spell out everything in her mind. When she fell in love in anything, she will just praise the things til "sky have, earth don't have" ; but if anything that make her eyes pain, she will condemn til no one dare to sound back. But one really good thing of hers is , she will standby for any frens whenever. Call her anytime, she will be the good listener. (But i dont afford leh, she now working in Singapore, my hubby will knock my head if I always make phone calls to her ) .

Hopefully my appearance in blog will make some changes now. More comments, more visitors...


MeiyeN said...

you are wrong... i read your blog, my dear! :)

Tiffany said...

Thks MeiYen!!!