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Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Hairdo

These days I been thinking to change hairstyle either to cut it to short length or perm it since I never be in a curly look. So last Sunday, after the bowling tournament, i went to salon - Hair Inn to get a change of my look. I told the hairstylist that i wanted to cut it short, but the hairstylist advised not to do so since my hair is so long, wasted if I were to. So she suggested me to do a digital perming, I just accept it. I didn't know that the process will take so long, each process took me about 45 mins. Cutting my hair, then 2nd process is put the chemical to soften my hair, and followed with curling my hair. Here are some of the pics to share with u on the process of my changing look.

See my hair, it was about waist length.

So short dy :(

My bao bei... :'(

So many wires on my hair, this process caused my neck so tired cos the wires on my hair brings in some weights to my head.

"deng deng deng deng" My new look!!!

My Chloe girl couldn't recognize me, so "anti" me when the first 30 mins i reached home with this new hairdo.

1 comment:

MeiyeN said...

hey tiff, nice hairstyle! is good to have a change ;)