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Saturday, December 02, 2006

My "date" with Yee Tyng(11/11/06)

Yee Tyng, a true friend who I met thru MSN introduced by another netfriend of mine who i never met before, Mei Yen!!! Mei Yen introduced me to Yee Tyng is because she was a pregger at that time who will be going to due around the same time with me. We started to chat when she came online on the same day i added her. We exchanged phone number to text each other, call each other. Unbelievable, both of us can be so "click" thru the air and we shared so many precious daily pregnancy diary together. From a stranger to a truly close friend, I really thanks her for being by my side when my ups and downs especially the moral supports given to me. Really help me to relax myself after talking to her.
I would say that this lady is super-duper "big head prawn", she gave me a "what-to-bring-to-hospital" list when i shall admitted to hospital for delivery, after a few days later, she text me and asked me to give her a list of what to bring to hospital, the minute i received the sms i thought she was testing me see whether did I pack those stuffs, mana tahu, she really forgotten jor!!! She herself gave me the list and she herself again who ask the list from me again. Oh yeah, even my bud-day she also mistaken the actual day, on the b'day eve around 11pm+ she sms me saying that "so sorry my dear friend that this b'day wish comes late cos i went to blablabla....",at that time i was laughing myself on the phone.
But this lady really "enough friend", whenever I got good news she wil be happy and sot sot with me for the rest of the day, and where there r my mood swing days n upset, she will be there to comfort me n advice me. Yes or no, Right or wrong, she always act like my elder sister to guide me.
Both of us are looking for a fine day to meet up n give each other a big hug. Thanks God that we have made it on 11/11/2006 Saturday. I went down to KL for my friend's engagement party n meeting up with this "air" lady. I carefully picked a set of clothes n get my hair a temp iron just to meet her, lolz. Like meeting first love, Yee Tyng text me the night before asking whether had I packed my stuffs to KL, and I was so hyper over that night. We planned for lunch@One Utama. When I reached One Utama, I immediately call her see where is she, she told me that she is in Vincci, old wing, my hubby dropped me at new wing so i told her that i will walk over to meet her at Vincci. When the minute i entered Vincci, I saw her at the back of the shop, so I quickly walk to her n wanna give her a hug, but this blur blur queen look at me like though i am a stranger cos she didnt wear her glasses. Hahahaa... We gave each other a big warm hug, a hug for every supports given to each other when we were preggers, a hug for becoming close friends, a hug for sharing each other's ups and downs, a hug for everything...
We went to had our lunch at Genki Sushi. At first, she said go to Shogun, a Japanese buffet but I told her that I can't eat much at one time, so we decided to go to Genki Sushi. After having lunch, we go for window shopping and this is the pic that we taken.

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Jessie Woo said...

Whoa .. so u named me blur blur queen wo :P

Thank you for everything yeah ...