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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Feeling of becoming a mom

Chloe, my first baby and I would say she is everything in my life and even more important than my own life. Having her of course is a joy, she is so pretty, so hyper, so cute, so lovely, so darling, so ...Whenever she smiles/laugh, she melts my heart. Whenever she make sound to talk to me, she make me feel that everything I've done is worthwhile. Whenever she poo, she will be extremly quiet and wait for me to clean up for me, she look so naive but right after i clean up, she will start kicking n moving her hands again, so naughty right. Whenever I look at her when she is soundly asleep, i feel so fulfillng having her in my life. In short, she is my motivator.

But, whenever comes to drink milk time, she always have problems on drinking milk which sometimes tear me off!!! She doesnt like to drink milk and only likes water, whenever she drink her milk, she must be in sleeping mode, yes, sleeping and drinking milk, n only drink milk in the car or in craddle. I guess this is the main reason how come i became so slim over a short time. Feeding milk to her isnt an easy job, always cry like people "dera" her.

See, she is my everthing, make me way of so happy n dragged me down when she cry.


Jessie Woo said...

Dear Mummy,

Being a parents is not an easy task. Be patience and should you need anything, u know u can always call me 24/7 yeah ...

Tiffany said...

really wor, patience is the most important tool u anytime?? Later u knock me if i call u when u soundly asleep. Hahahaaa... I shall see u again in this month when i go down to KL.

Jessie Woo said...

whoa..who dare to knock u wo :P

so so confirm la this month will be coming to KL then we must come out n makan besar hahaha we shall ask maiyen along yeah :P