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Friday, January 19, 2007

08 Jan 2006, Monday

7 pm As usual, after fed Chloe with cereal, I went to kitchen to wash the cup n prepare water to clean her. When I was stepping out from toilet after preparing the water, i heard a little sound "doouuppp", in my mind, i was thinking whoa, what had just kicked down from the bed in the living hall by my little girl?? So energetic huh??!! Quickily did i run out to see what happened, the moment i saw my little girl was the one lying down on the floor, i knew that the "doouuppp" sound is made by her, she fell down from the bed, OH MY GOD!!! my heart stopped for a second, and immediately i carried her up n seeing her face turned "green" n i was so blank!!! She was like stopped breathing for a while, n when i carry her, she cried out, n me too, i cried like a mad cow..both of us non stop crying, i ran up to the room carrying Chloe to get my phone to call my hubby, cos he is at shop waiting for his staff to come over to work, hubby was so worried hearing our crying n yelling, he asked me to cool down, n tell him what has happened!! I told him the whole scenario with my crying voice. I guessed he was puzzled for a while too, and he said, he will call his staff to come over now, and he will come home once the staff come. After hung up the phone, i called my parents' house number, i couldn't talk anything, i was just crying, my mum n my sis were picking up the phone at the same time, they sensed something was really bad had just happened, they kept on asking why why why!!! what happened!! I just shout out, Chloe fell down!! After that, they thrown down the phone n the very next 2 mins i heard mum's car at my house already (so "effiecient" driver, [fyi, from my house to my parents' house need about 5 mins driving]). I quickily opened the door for them to come in, my mum cuddle Chloe n check which part of her body hurt, n found out that her right side head is reddish, guessed she must be really hurt and painful!! My mum used oil to soothe her but she still cry!! My heart is so broken, i kept on blaming myself why the hack that i put her on the bed while i know that she is so active, non stop turning here n there. I should be taking more precautions when letting her alone playing. After a while hubby came back from shop to see how is Chloe girl and we decided to send her to hospital if she vomits. Luckily she is alright n doesn't need to go to see doctor.
In my heart, I told myself this would be the first n the last time disaster.


Jessie Woo said...

Do be extra careful yeah ..

Jessie Woo said...
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