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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Job hunting

I was looking for jobs since a month ago, trying to look for bank line or telecommunication services. After sent out my resume to Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, AM Bank, RHB and Maxis, i only received 2 calls which were Hong Leong and Public Bank. I went to both interview, Hong Leong Bank interview was held in Kuantan and Public Bank interivew was in KL. Both jobs is doing selling bank products, sales in another word.

In the Hong Leong's interview, i was quite "clicked" with the interviewer(the branch manager), she even on the spot confirm her interest to hire me, just me that so jual mahal told her that i still have another interview in KL, i need to re-confirm her. The next week, i went to KL for Public Bank interview, in the interview i dont feel comfortable at all with the interviewers, i even wanted to walked out from the room cos it was just too bored,( fyi, i am so hyperactive and talkactive, suddenly i need to be so serious n silent), they make me felt that they more like a judge than interviewers. I just simply answer them questions and when they told me that my salary is fixed which means no commissions when i close a deal, i was like what the f***, i shall just walk out just now, the whole interview session, i was so tensed!! After the interview, in order to make myself relax, i walked to the opposite tower - KLCC for shopping, and bought a lot of MNG clothes cos it was on great sales.

After the interviews, I really sat down to think of my future. Should I work?? Or continuing being a fulltime mummy. I was thinking, if i go to work, meaning i gotta send Chloe to a nanny, in my mind, i dont think anyone else will take greater care than me lor but, if i continuing staying home, meaning i don't utilised what i have learnt and why did i holding a degree cert while i know from the very beginning i will be a homemaker?? I was quite confused, I told myself i need to be myself again, i cannot be a homemaker while i am so young. So my decision is, call back Hong Leong Bank to confirm that I'm wanting to join in.

After 2 weeks, i received a call from the HQ telling me that my commencement date is to be 22nd Jan, which is next monday, I immediately refused to say okie cos I have yet to get a nanny for Chloe. I told the girl that I will recall her by tomorrow to confirm my commencement date. After hung up the phone, i quickily start up my nanny search job, it was not easy to get a good nanny i know. Sigh...After getting a few nanny list, i went to ask around and finally i decided to send Chloe to an Indian lady because at least the place is clean and she talks English, most importantly, it is just nearby my housing area, i can just drop by her when i am on the way to work. The next afternoon, i call back and told her that i can start work after 29 Jan but she told me that Hong Leong doesnt hire people after 25th, so i gotta start on 5th of Feb(isnt better?? hahaha..) I will be a working lady again on 5th Feb!!!


Jessie Woo said...

Congratulations !!

Wish u "pou pou kou sing" yeah

Tiffany said...

Hahahaha... Thks worr...