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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ban On Designer Baby????

I just read NST a while ago, and saw this new law being drafted by government to prevent fertility clinics from using Assisted Reproduction Technology to determine the specific gender, physical, or social characteristics of babies. I personally think that it is perfectly alright for parents to select better genes for their child to reduce genetic problems such as hereditary diseases, diabetes, Down's Syndrome and other illnesses. Also, we have to be realistic and practical that bringing up a kid in today's world cost alot. Some family may just want a boy and a girl in their family, but if letting God to determine the gender of the babies, they may not get the ideal result of it. This new law shouldn't be implemented!!!


Meiyen said... u think this law shouldn't be implemented yeah?

Tiffany said...

HELL YES!!! KEkekeke... what do u think??