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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Uncivilise Fella

Not long ago, 2 malay guys came in to my shop. Below is the dialogue:

Am sitting at the cashier counter as usual. Malay A and Malay B were standing right in front of me.

Malay A : EI!! Here can print??

ME : The printer is out of function currently.

Malay A : Ooo.. Okie okie (He walked away)

Malay B : Eh!! sini boleh print tak??

ME : (i just shake my head, aint want to answer him cos he's being so rude)

Malay B : Tak boleh cakap lah tak boleh. CAKAP!!

ME : Kan i dah jawab kawan kau tu dalam bahasa English. Tak erti bahasa ke!!

(Immediately he walked out from the shop)

I'm so pissed off of this kind of people, the Malay B is so uncivilised. I'm innocent cos i already answered his friend, just that he doesnt understand ENGLISH.

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