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Monday, June 26, 2006

Love is so GREAT!!!

Do you think that love is great? Personally, i do believe that LOVE IS GREAT. Love has been defined as an affection of the mind caused by that which delights. It has also been defined as a strong liking or devoted attachment to an individual. For me, i do categorize love as: the eternal love from parents, the ceaseless love from my sisters and brothers, the unlimited love from my hubby, the unconditional love from friends.

The love from parents:
Whatever and whenever I did wrong, they are always forgiving me. No matter how disobedience I was, they always stand by me. They never give up but to continuously giving me support, guide me to the bright side. When i was a baby, they hold me and taught me to walk. When i was a kid, they taught me to speak up. When i was in primary school, they sacrified their working time just to accompany me in school (cos i was crying everyday when i reach school). When i was a teenager, they were so worried about me that i might get bad influence from others, i might get hurt if i fell in love... That's why, they spent their time to share their life experiences with me. When i was in my college days (where i was away from them), mum cried alot when i first left home, they always called to double confirm my safety and always remind me to take good care of myself. Til today eventhough i already get married, they still worrying about me. I told daddy not to worry about me anymore since i already an adult, but dad said "U are still my little girl that never grown up, and i can never fail to be there for u cos u still need lotsa protections from me".

The love from siblings: I've two younger sisters and two younger brothers. For some of u who reading this might think that, 5 kids in a family is alot. But whenever one of the siblings away from home, i felt that the house is short of so much!! We do argue, quarrel, and even fight when we were young. But after a while, we talked to each other again automatically. They will never fail to be there for me when i need someone. Who say love is selfish?? Family love is eternal love and never be selfish!!

Lover's Love: I believe love will find its way, and show us the answers to the questions being revealed. For me, a lover's love is be super sweet with me, shower me with lotsa cares and loves, love me with all your heart,share all the ups and downs time with me, cuddle with me, hold me close, share everything with me, dont hide anything from me, be honest with me, always flirt with me, wipe away my tears, dont make me cry because of your stupidiness, dont force me to do anything. Out of so many guys out there, I'm proud that I've found my MR. Right. I know darling really care and loving me and never fail to continually showing it,I can feel it. Thanks, honey!!!

Friendship Love: The minute we became friend, it means, we are forever friend. But how deep it can grow is depends how well we can get along. The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. I'm proud that there are plenty of u who stand as my true friends. They accept who i am and accepted my imperfections. They are my one-stop station for me to laugh, to gossip, to be the real me, to make complains, to get a shoulder to cry on and to get peace of mind. Of cos, I'm always a good listener and advisor for them too. Heheheeee...


jessiewoo said...

YES !! totally agree with you :P

Tiffany said...


Meiyen said...

yeaps, love is absolutely great provided one respect it, give and take at da same time ;)

Tiffany said...