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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunday-Father's day

Is a Sunday, yet i am sitting in the shop looking after it. Cos my hubby and his family went to celebrate Father's Day at his hometown - Sungai Lembing. 'M lazy to go, so i decided to look after the shop today. As i am sitting here, i realised that not much of my frens are online. Guess everyone is taking opportunity to sleep til the max for Sunday huh!! Lolz...

Yesterday me and my hubby went for shopping for our baby. We had so much of fun buying baby stuffs. Anakku provides us a list of shopping guide. So we followed the list and grab what we need. Since we are new, we had so much of difficulties choosing which one is better, and we have made so much of jokes in Parkson. For example: there are so many brands and types of nasal aspirator, some with different sizes in a pack, some have different rubber pumps, some with a tube... After me and my hubby "investigating" for so long, we decided to get the one from Anakku, cos it looks more practical, unlike those with tubes. When come to choosing comforter set for our baby, we saw there are few offer bins with BEST BUY at the baby's fair. So we quickly rush there to choose one, scaring that people might grab all of it. Hahahah.. I am so excited to get the PINK sets, but darling is more cautious, he opened up those comforter set to check the softness of the texture. The texture for pink Looney Tunes and Minnie is not as soft as the Lollipop's, but it only left with Blue color, knowing that darling doesnt like to go from one shopping mall to another shopping mall for choosing one comforter set, so we bought the Blue one, RM99.90 with 2 bolster, one pillow, one blanket, one bed sheet, and two side guard. :) Here comes the funny parts, breast pump!! Knew that darling is kinda "interested" in so many different pumps in the market, he smartly went and open up few boxes and tried those pumps on his stomach to check for the quality of suction. My goodness, luckily there was no one there, if not, sure people might think that both of us are insane. Hahahahaha... After that, we went to choose mattress(we got a FREE baby cot from hubby's aunt), there are so many sizes of mattress over there, luckily we measured our cot before we were out from house. When I'm so concentrating in choosing one, my hubby was so busy playing at the baby cots there. He even became the QA for baby cot by testing the safety of the cot, he even pointed out so many unsafetiness of those 2-in-1 baby cot. How he did it?? He tried to opened up the string of the cradle part, and he found out that one of the cots there was too easy to open, and he jumped into conclusion that, "What if those kids come with their parents to visit us, and their itchy hands open up the string when our baby is sleeping inside?? Sure the baby will be like one who dropped out from flying carpet". Duh, hubby had such a good imagination. After fooling around at the baby cot, he then saw car seats beside the cots, he shown to me the Recaro seat. I was like, "What??!! The baby is not born yet, and even if it is born, it wouldnt know how to sit on the seat yet, dear!! Come choose the matress with me ler." Finally we have finished buying after 4 hours in Parkson just for baby stuffs. Felt so satisfying although is tiring. The happiness is so hard to explain by words.


jessiewoo said...

Hi there tiffany ... i was introduce by meiyen to your page ... she told me that you are soon-to-be-mummy ... was feeling excited for u and myself is expecting my 2nd princess ... i am 7 months pregnant already what about you ... do take plenty of rest and take good care of yourself ... oh yeah becareful with the food that you take also ... :P have a nice week ahead

Tiffany said...

Congrats.. and really nice meeting u!!