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Monday, June 12, 2006

My First Blog

Here it starts my very first blog, i admit that i am "outdated" cos some of my friends have been blogging for years, and i am just starting to learn how to do about it, lolz... I am still figuring out what is this and that, how to do this and that, blah blah blah, yeah yeah yeah, i am bit slow in coping up in learning new things, gimme some time ler!!! FYI, i cant be a good blogger as i use inappropriate abbreviations, for eg: dun, becos, cos, lil, gimme,lolz, etc... I think a good blogger updates her blogs everyday, spills "everything" in her life, what she really likes, what she really thinks, what she really wants... I guess the best way to start my first blog is to introduce what is happening around me, about myself, my backbone - family, my marriage...

ME - love to eat, love shopping, love to chat,love those who loves me, hate those who betrayed me,loyal and true in Love, get angry often, mood swings - emotional, thinks alot, always contradicting myself, treat friends importantly, always making friends, easily hurt but recover easily,daydreamer, opinionated, do not care of what others think, love to travel, the arts and literature, touchy and easily jealous, concerned, just and fair, spendthrift, easily influenced, easily loses confidence, live to have Fun,love to laugh, love children.

My Backbone - Muh Family, they are my foundation, without them, i am nobody today. I've showered with lotsa loves, cares,guidance from them. My parents never failed to fulfill my needs including all my nonsense requirements. In short, they have spoilt me since i was young, i am a spoilt child (that's why i am so emo when someone cant fulfill my request). I've two lil lovely princess that never failed to be there when i need them, one always prepare meals for me and another one always be my listener, thks for this 2 monsters (Eunieece and Fang). Another 2 evils in my family who always fight at home, my bros, they are those who always bring joys to the family. Here comes another 2 members, Iceman and Paris who always make my sis headache. Iceman loves to sneak out from the house, and Paris always bullies Iceman. Lolz... Not to forget to mention another most important people in my life - my Hubby, we just get married not long ago, for like 3 months, have been knowing him for ages and didnt know he's da man of mine for the rest of my life. He is definitely someone that i can't live without...da one who bring lotsa happiness to me...he is the one who always care for me, shares my ups and downs unconditionally...And soon, our family will be adding another new member.

Friends - I've plenty of close friends from primary school, secondary school, and college. This group of close friends will never leave me alone when i needed someone to be with me. Unfortunately, most of them are either at overseas, outstations, or so busy with their schedules. As a result, we have less meeting up sessions, however this change does not affect the strength of our friendship.


Meiyen said...

Hohohoho...finally, you manage to link my page to yours! Applause...

Tiffany said...

Hahahaha.. This is called LEARNING!! Proud to be here!!!